June 28, 2018

Sydney based British racer, Cam Walton is looking forward to making his first trip up to Townsville for the second round of the Australian Toyota 86 Racing Series in July.

Building on a successful opening round of the series at Phillip Island where he scored three top-five finishes, Walton is excited by the challenge of racing on a street circuit for the for the first time.

"I'm really looking forward to getting up to Townsville next week. It'll be great to explore new parts of Australia I've not visited yet. Actually, I've never been north of the Gold Coast before." said Walton.

"It looks like it'll be a great event with the warmer winter weather, but most of all I'm excited to get back out on track for my first ever street circuit race and continue to build our momentum from an awesome debut round at Phillip Island back in April."

Walton will enjoy additional support heading up to Townsville, with fresh new backing from UK based Flying Vinyl, who are looking to build their international...

February 14, 2018

"I've never seen that before" the doctor said in surprise as I showed her a slow-mo on-board video of the crash which left me sitting in her hospital room, arm in a sling. I didn't realise at that point how serious the injury was or how long it would take me to recover.

Two hours earlier I was starting from pole position at the UK's fastest race track, Thruxton, in my farewell race to the Toyota MR2 Championship which had started my car racing career (/hobby?). I'd set the lap record in the previous race, smashing the fastest lap with only one other driver out of 30 able to get within a second of my time. Over 93mph average speed. Easy win right?

Well all I had to do was get off the line.

The 1st-2nd gear change was always tough in that car, and right on cue I missed the first attempt, immediately dropping to 4th place and hugging the inside to stay out the way. With one hand on the wheel and one hand on the gear stick ready for the 2nd-3rd shift, I was hit across the nose. Hard. Now po...

November 29, 2017

Don't get me wrong, I love winning. The goal of winning is why we do what we do. But I've always had one eye on the prize and one eye on becoming a better driver and improving myself in whatever way necessary. So I don't see losing as such a bad thing. If I won my first ever race, what would I have learnt? The challenge teaches you about your weaknesses and gives you an opportunity to be better next time, with the ultimate goal to be the best. The same attitude is why I've never stayed long enough to dominate any one series; I would rather take a step up before I lose the challenge. Despite this approach costing me more quotable success, I have faith it will pay off in the long run. You can't let yourself stand still if you want to progress.

I had a kart race last week which, despite fighting for the lead and having pace to win, was one of my worst drives for a long time. I made stupid mistakes and eventually threw it off, taking out another competitor in the process and getting my fi...

November 24, 2017

28th October 2017, Silverstone. The UK's Largest annual race is due to start in under an hour and we've lost 2 of our 4 cars in qualifying for this tough 6 hour. A few frantic team discussions and it's decided that we will drop down from a 5 to a 4 driver team, and switch one of our drivers into another car. We are now an all GT86 team with majority MR2 drivers. I will be starting the race and heading into the unknown with regards to our fuel situation - we don't know how long we can run for... so this stint will dictate the strategy for the rest of the race. 30mins in and it doesn't look good, we were hoping to stretch out to a 4-stinter; running for 1:20 each, but my fuel is already touching half, we're way under.

I come in on the 60min mark with us looking at a 6-stinter, but we've forgotten that the other car is running a longer final drive ratio. The next stint is 75mins, and the one after that by another driver in my car is 70mins by running at a slightly lower pace. The 4th sti...

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