Digital Sponsorship

Digital Sponsorship


Digital sponsorship is the most effective way to promote your brand online and on social media.

DIgital includes:

  • Professional, personalised race weekend video for use on your social media, delivered within 12hrs of final race
  • Launch posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram) to announce arrival of new major 'Digital' sponsor
  • Premium space in major social media posts surrounding chosen race weekend
  • Inclusion in major sponsor section on 2018 sponsors page


Digital packages offer custom high quality content to be used on your social media and websites to draw in audience, as well as enhanced exposure on social media compared with combined packages. Social media audiences can exceed 1million(1)(2)(3) potential customers over the course of a full season (not including your own audience).

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(2). Toyota 86 Racing Series 2017 Brochure
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